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Our School Values

Everything we do at St Thomas' CofE Primary Academy is built upon our values of thankfulness, fairness, forgiveness, trust and celebration.

Our core Christian values underpin the British values and are closely linked. Core British Values of democracy, the rule of law, tolerance, respect and individual liberty are taught in the context of our strong Christian ethos.

We aim for our values to impact how our children view and contribute to our community, our country and the wider world.

Our school will demonstrate our values by:

  • Thankfulness- We aim to be thankful to God for the education and opportunities we receive, and to be thankful to one another for every valuable contribution that is made. We are thankful for each other and embrace and celebrate difference showing the British value of respect for all.
  • Fairness – We aim to be fair where we value every person, made in the image of God, regardless of age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, background or religion. The British value of rule of law' shows that the law is important. Rules are guidelines for how people should behave. They help to keep everyone safe and ensure people are treated fairly.
  • Forgiveness – We aim to reflect God’s love and grace as revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, never settling for less than going ‘the extra mile’ in caring for others. The British value of tolerance is about accepting people for who they are and treating others how you wish to be treated. We do not have to agree with everyone and can be proud of our heritage and beliefs but we can still be tolerant of other's beliefs and opinions.
  • Trust – We aim to trust in God and provide a safe and secure environment in which we can trust one another so that everyone feels valued and is able to share their opinions and grow in confidence. The British value of democracy allows everyone to share their opinions in a culture of trust. It means that as many people as possible get to have a say on what happens
  • Celebration  Learning in God’s truth and love, we take pride in success and celebrate what we achieve together academically and creatively. The British value of liberty means we are free to make our own choices and express and celebrate our individuality. We try our best to do what is right and fair.