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School Uniform

Please see the School Uniform Policy here

We are proud of our school uniform and encourage pupils to take a pride in their appearance. PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL UNIFORM IS LABELLED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME as we cannot return items of clothing if we do not know who owns it! 

School uniform


Male Students

Female Students

White (only) shirt/ polo shirt 

(with or without school logo)


Sweatshirt/ cardigan

Optional - plain red sweatshirt

Optional – plain red sweatshirt/ cardigan. 

Hooded tops are not permitted.

St Thomas’ fleece


Grey (only) trousers / skirt / pinafore and socks / tights


Black socks to be worn

Black socks must be worn with trousers; grey tights must be worn with skirts.

Summer only  Grey shorts Red gingham dress/ white socks


Plain black school shoes with no markings. No canvas, trainers, pumps or casual boots. Shoes must be "leather looking".

Water bottle





Coats must be taken off in all buildings


For all years, hair should be cut appropriately for school and of a natural colour


Hats may only be worn outside the school building



Examples of acceptable/ unacceptable footwear

PE kit

PE kit

Male students

Female students


Plain white t-shirt/ polo shirt


Plain black 

Plain black


Required and MUST be different to normal school shoes.

Tracksuit bottoms

Black jogging bottoms


St Thomas hoodie

Can only be worn for PE



Please follow this link to order uniform item(s) from My School Style directly.

EYFS only

All children must have a spare set of uniform in both Foundation Stage 1 and 2. If they need to be changed during the day, for whatever reason, it is important they have a spare set of clean clothing to change into.

Expectations include:

  1. White polo shirt
  2. Black/ grey trousers/ skirt
  3. Black socks/ grey tights
  4. Underwear 
  5. A bag, which is labelled with your child’s name, to keep the uniform in
  6. Wellies for outdoor play