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Year 6

Year 6 have been considering how the national lockdown has impacted our local community. After exploring a range of issues that have occurred in our town, they decided to make a stand in an effort to make a difference to those in our local area who are struggling or suffering as a result of Covid-19. 

The children were concerned about local families, who have lost their work and income because of the pandemic. Our school has been a supporter of our incredible local foodbank for many years and the pupils in Year 6 decided to raise awareness of their great work; both to advertise its service to those who need it and to encourage those who are able to support them through donations of time, food or money. Children created posters advertising this information, which were displayed around our school community. 

As children reflected on their own experiences of life in lockdown, they were unanimous in their reflection of missing friends, family and loved ones as being the toughest element of the restrictions and their greatest loss. From this, they showed great empathy to those living in care homes and other elderly or vulnerable local residents who have experienced isolation over the last twelve months. Children decided to write letters, which were sent to local care homes and local residents, in order to give them somebody to communicate with, some virtual company and hopefully to make them smile. 

We were full of joy in Year 6 to receive such personal responses from the residents of one of the local care homes and the children felt so blessed reading their messages. We continue to hold this issue in high regard and have continued the communication, creating replies to the messages we received. The children really feel that they have a new friend in their elderly pen pal and we continue to hold these special members of our community in our prayers.