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Worship Planning

Long-Term Planning

At St Thomas', our worship follows a cycle where children focus on different Christian values. The school's own vision and values is weaved throughout the cycle of wider values. We focus on key Christian figures and heroes in the Bible. There is also a central focus on the teachings of Jesus and the bible which includes and involves all pupils, regardless of age, ability, religion or culture. It also, at certain times, reflects the diversity of beliefs within the school, valuing the practices and traditions of others who are a part of the school community, as well as other important times of celebration for wider religious communities. We ensure that pupils are taught about the eucharist at least twice a year.

The long term plan, following the Imaginor roots and shoots and the 'Windows, mirrors and doors' approach, is used to support our worship and can be seen below:


Medium-Term Planning

The Medium Term planning for each half term for the current academic year can be found below. This may be changed if events arise in the community, nation or world which we feel the children would benefit learning about and responding to.

Short-Term Planning

Our daily collective worship is planned to follow the steps below from

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