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Our collective worship is an important time of the day where our community will feel the school's pulse, learn about its values and catch its life. It is here that a sense of community is nourished, here that shared values are expressed and here that everyone’s contributions are celebrated. In our school, it is also here that God is given honour and is worshipped. Our worship is inclusive, invitational and inspiring.

Through our collective worship, we aim to:

  • Explore the school's vision and how that underpins shared values and virtues. In doing so, it will reflect on moral values such as compassion, gratitude, justice, humility, forgiveness and reconciliation; and develop virtues such as resilience, determination and creativity that develop character and contribute to academic progress.
  • Offer the opportunity, without compulsion, to all pupils and adults to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection.
  • Enable all pupils and adults to appreciate that Christians worship in different ways, for example using music, silence, story, prayer, reflection, the varied liturgical and other traditions of Anglican/Methodist worship, festivals and, where appropriate, the Eucharist.
  • Help pupils and adults to appreciate the relevance of faith in today’s world, to encounter the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and to develop their understanding of the Christian belief in the trinitarian nature of God and its language.
  • Enable pupils as well as adults to engage in the planning, leading and evaluation of collective worship in ways that lead to improving practice. Leaders of worship, including clergy, have access to regular training.
  • Encourage local church community partnerships to support the school effectively in developing its provision for collective worship.

If for any reason a parent/carer or pupil feels uncomfortable to enter through this open door of worship in our school, please speak to a member of the SLT who will be happy to discuss your concerns. For further details about the right of withdrawal from collective worship, please refer to the collective worship policy which can be found in the policies section of the website.