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Reporting progress

As a parent it is very important that you understand how your child is progressing. You will be formally invited into school on three occasions to discuss your child’s progress. In October/November we hold a teacher/parent day where we discuss how your child has settled into their new year group and how progressing. In February, we invite you to attend a second consultation to discuss how well the children are getting on; their attitude to work; willingness to learn; homework and how your child is progressing against the year groups objectives and end of year expectations. At the end of the year, in July, you will receive a comprehensive report summarising the year as a whole, the level at which your child is working and the overall progress they have made. 

We do operate an ‘open door’ policy in school and are happy to discuss any issues and concerns you may have, throughout the academic year. We find that if matters are addressed quickly then the outcome is a happy one for all parties concerned, particularly the children. 

Termly reports

Teacher assessment

The children are assessed in each subject as follows. This is a holistic assessment of your child’s progress in class to date taking into account work completed in class, at home and during verbal communication. 

Teacher judgement

What it tells you about your

child’s achievements


Working towards

1 or 2 areas from the term’s work  not yet secured but in all other respects  on track

Making positive steps towards National Standard

Working at

All termly age related areas secured including spelling and punctuation

On track to meet end of Key Stage National Standard

Working at greater depth

All termly age related expectations met with sustained evidence of working at a more mature level.

On track to meet end of Key Stage ‘Working at deeper level within National Standard’

Attitude to learning

St Thomas’ has revised the Attitude to Learning (ATL) criteria this year. Having confidence and a positive attitude to learning is crucial to a pupil's success in school.  We expect them to be motivated, determined and proactive in their learning and these are skills that we teach and promote. We are relentless in our pursuit of positive attitudes to learning and we will be assessing all pupils from reception to Year 6 on the following five point scale. The criteria for these descriptors can be found on the back of the report.

1 - Outstanding

2 - Good

3 - Satisfactory

4 – Requires Improvement

5 - Inadequate

The bulleted list for each grade is an indication of the types of attitude displayed in class.  It is a best-fit model, so pupils may not display all of the characteristics in the category. Every child is given an attitude to learning grade each term by their  class teacher. 

Reading and maths test - Standardised scores

The review details any standardised test scores your child has taken, where most children will lie between a score of 85 and 130, with 100 being the average. These test scores help us to identify children falling behind or working well above the expected standard, but please bear in mind they are just a snap shot of performance on one day, whereas the teacher assessment is a holistic judgement of all work completed.

*Please note,  we convert the test scores into progress judgements.